Social icons for Spotlight theme

Hi all! I’m using the Spotlight theme. Does anyone know how to change the social media icons in the header beside the logo? It looks like the only options in settings are Facebook and Twitter but I’d like to add IG and Youtube! My site url:


  1. For some reason I can’t open the link to your page (server not responding).

  2. You are using a recently released (June 2023 version) paid-for Theme which has access to support included. Visit Spotlight - Premium Ghost Theme by High Five Themes to contact the theme author directly to get the answer you need.

  3. Here’s why:—

A. I have read their documentation and, somewhat unusually for a ‘paid’ theme, no mention is made of how to change these icons (just the header site icon).

B. Because it’s a paid-for theme, only somebody that’s purchased it has easy access to the theme files which would need to be examined to understand exactly how and where the social icons are managed. As it’s so ‘new’, there may not be many people with a copy to look through theirs and then tell you here.

C. It’s likely it’s .hbs files are arranged in a normal way, so the necessary changes can probably also be managed by a simple code injection in the relevant Settings area of the Ghost back-end. But that necessitates some checking through this forum and elsewhere for the details and then experimenting. There are quite a few ‘how-to’s’ out there to find.

C. But that’s much more trouble than simply contacting the Theme Author.

Theme authors rarely make bespoke changes to themes for free (but often do so for a fee). However, most will be happy to tell you what’s needed and where to make the changes you are wanting. This author might well choose to add the reply to you as a new section in the documentation; exactly as some authors already helpfully do for this specific topic.

Here’s a screenshot of the place on the page above for you to contact the author and see the documentation and that’s followed by a screenshot of the contact form when you click the button which doesn’t ask for a licence key or purchase date, so must simply use your name and URL for authorisation, which is why I made my point about it giving me a server error :blush: