Can't install Journal theme in ghost blog

whenever i try to install the Journal theme in my ghost 4.48.9, either choosing from the back-end or uploading the theme which I got from the Ghost repository in github:


Templates must contain valid Handlebars

Oops! You seemed to have used invalid Handlebars syntax. This mostly happens, when you use a helper that is not supported.
See the full list of available helpers here.

Affected files:
  • partials/loop.hbs: Missing helper: “comment_count”
  • index.hbs: Missing helper: “comment_count”

I tried opening the files but I can’t seem to find a solution. How can I solve?

thanks in advance.

You’re trying to load a theme with 5.x features on 4.x.

If you can’t upgrade, you’ll either need to get an older copy of the theme (GitHub?), or edit the existing theme. You’d need to remove the comments helpers (since they weren’t added until 5.x) and there are probably some changes to members and tiers too.

Thanks a lot! Solved by deleting the lines affected.

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