Source Theme Image Round Corner!

Hey all,
have a question:
How can i make a round corner on all images in Source Theme?

Big thanks!
Best, dake

Depends, if all images anywhere then I assume this works:

img {
border-radius: 90px;

Then adapt pixels as needed to achieve the roundness wanted.

thanks! :grinning:

Do i need add this in Head code injection?
Because when i add it i can’t see any changes.

Best, Dake

There’s an error in this

There’s an error here. It should be <style> not script… (and the same for the closing tag.)

That’s what I get for typing fast on a phone.

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Hey, Big Thanks!
Its works. :grin:
By the way: do you known how i can add a border for the tags under the image in source theme?
like in this theme:

And it is possible to remove: Powered by Ghost, Floted Subscribe Button on the bottom right corner?

Best, dake

Do you mean like the huge “Business” tag header?

Subscribe you just turn off in portal settings I swore.

Powered by ghost is just display:none


Hey, thanks!
I mean the tag under each post image like “lifestyle” “fashion” “Idea” this have a border in pill style.

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