Special characters/diacritics not displaying properly in the site title

I’m using London theme and I spotted a character with a diacritical mark (“Ł”) is displayed using a different font than the rest of the characters (London’s default font is Mulish).

Screenshot 2023-11-03 at 13.41.46

I tried different ways of inputting the title in settings (“Ł”), but to no avail.

I would be grateful for tips!

It might be helpful to see it ‘live’ - can you link the site?

I checked the Google font preview for Mulish and it looked fine, so that’s an odd result…

Sure, it’s here - https://www.maciejplonka.com

Yes, I’m sure Mulish has all proper characters included.

That theme is loading Mulish from a theme copy, and it’s the Latin subset, not the complete font. That’s why that character isn’t loading. The font provided by the theme doesn’t include it.

To fix it, I’d hit Google Fonts and add the code provided by Google for Mulish to your code injection. Or download the full font file and replace it, if you can edit the theme.

Quick demo (only fixes the 700 weight - you’ll want to replace all the ones in the theme):

<link rel="preconnect" href="https://fonts.googleapis.com">
<link rel="preconnect" href="https://fonts.gstatic.com" crossorigin>
<link href="https://fonts.googleapis.com/css2?family=Mulish:wght@700&display=swap" rel="stylesheet">


Thanks a lot @Cathy_Sarisky, will give it a try!