Hey Ghost enthusiasts!

A friend of mine tried to open my website which works fine on his personal windows laptop but not on his work laptop with the following error: “This site can’t provide a secure connection, sent an invalid response, ERR_SSL_PROTOCOL_ERROR.”

Has anyone had the same issue before or could that be a SSL certificate issue on my end? Just worried and wanted to hear from you :)



Hey! This could be caused by lots of different issues.

Can you share more about your setup? It’d also be great if you could share a link to your site, then it’d be easier to determine if the SSL issue is limited to your friend’s work laptop or more widespread.

I’d also ask your friend if they have the same issue if they open your website in an incognito window on their work laptop.

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Hey @TheRoyalFig - here’s my website: - let me know if you can find anything that’s odd. My website also is accessible via HTTPS.

Everything looks great from my end. The SSL cert is valid.

My guess is it’s something on your friend’s end. See if they can use an incognito window and if they get the same result.

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Dope, thanks a ton for your quick help - will do! :)

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