Strange bugs when creating some offers

I searched the forum for a similar issue, but I couldn’t find one.

Issue Summary

When I try to create an offer that gives a 100% discount for 6 months to a monthly plan, I’m being told by Ghost that “Can’t save offer, please double check that you’ve filled all mandatory fields.”.

Amount off is correctly set at 100%, but I’m still being told by Ghost that “Amount must be between 0 and 100%.”.

I tried with 50%, and it worked.

I also tried with an amount of money, but it didn’t work. This time, I was just unable to save the offer, clicking “Publish” did nothing.

I tried to give a free trial of 183 days, but clicking “Publish” also did nothing.

Setup information

Ghost Version

How did you install Ghost?
Managed by PikaPods.

Database type

Browser & OS version
Safari 17.0 on macOS 14.0 (Sonoma).

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