Stripe Webhook returning NotFoundError - SOLVED

Had to do a fresh install of the latest DigitalOcean server on Friday. Got it all up and running with complimentary members and it’s working, but the webhooks are all failing on this latest install.

"errors": [
        "message": "Resource not found",
        "context": null,
        "type": "NotFoundError",
        "details": null,
        "property": null,
        "help": null,
        "code": null,
        "id": "1cfa7c90-b804-11eb-92cc-e59c86f792f8"

Is there something I can look at to figure out why the webhooks aren’t working?


MESSAGE: No signatures found matching the expected signature for payload. Are you passing the raw request body you received from Stripe?

Found that in the logs. I think I’m onto something, but would love any pointers as to where I go to fix it.

For those who stumble across this themselves. The trick was to make sure the whsec value in the settings table matches the one at Stripe. You’ll have to use mysql to get in and update the value if they do not match.

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I think I have the same issue, will try this in a minute.

I am wondering which key did you use in the settings table? Is that stripe_secret_key?