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I’m just looking for a quick bit of help with subscribe button on the home page. When I click it it leads to a 404; any idea what may be happening?

Mailgun and the rest is setup - you can subscribe down the bottom right of the site but it seems the homepage subscribe is going nowhere. You can check out what I mean by going to if you like.

Thanks in advance for any help :slight_smile:


@JoshFairhead, welcome to the community!

The subscribe link points to the page, which does not exist. That is the reason you get a 404 page instead.

You need to update the Subscribe link href value to the Portal link to show the subscribe modal. Something like:

<a href="#/portal/signup" class="m-button filled js-newsletter">Subscribe</a>

Here is how you can open and update a theme file:

Thanks for the welcome @ahmadajmi :slight_smile:

Base on the 404 and your response I understand that I’m pointing to a page that doesn’t exist - that’s clear enough, but I’m not sure what to do about it or what you mean by the ‘portal link’?

I guess I’m looking for the subscribe buttons link somewhere but I’m not sure where (I had a look in default.hbs)… then based on your instruction it sounds like I need to add the code you pasted to get it working?

Any ideas where I might find the code to edit?

Thanks for your help! :slight_smile:


Or maybe this is how the theme works and requires you to create a Newsletter page from the admin or upload the routes file. It depends on how the theme works.

Ghost provides Portal Links to access the Portal from any part of the theme, so if you want to trigger the Signup after clicking a button, you can use the signup link.

Admin Settings > Membership > Portal Settings > Links

Which file exactly is different from one theme to another. You can use the search function in the editor you use and search the theme files for Subscribe for example and should return which file the button is located.

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Thanks for all this detail @ahmadajmi - the simple option was to follow your breadcrumbs above and then copy the Portal link into the “Site Design CTA” custom box (/#/Portal) whic got the subscribe button working again. A bit of a hack around but now knowing about this reference I feel more confident to track it down in the theme itself!

Cheers for the help :slight_smile:


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