Subscribe button don't work

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I just started a ghost site and I think I made a mistake by deleting the “ghost” staff because I fast wanted to delete the old posts. I’m not a hundred percent sure this is the root of the problem but if it is, is there a way to get the “ghost” staff back?
My problem is that when you click the subscribe button it goes to a 404- Page not found. I’m guessing it is because I don’t have a page called “newsletter” but even if I would create a site that’s called newsletter that wouldn’t have the sign-up form for subscribers on it. How do i do this?

That’s fine, the Ghost user is there so you can quickly delete all of the demo posts, it is not used for anything else and won’t have any effect on functionality.

Ok thanks! do you know why my subscribe buttons lead to a 404 page?

What theme are you using? It sounds like you have one that’s set up for custom subscription pages rather than using the drop-in Portal script, in which case you’ll likely need to modify your routes.yaml file and possibly create pages that match what the theme expects - there should be details in your theme’s readme file.

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