Subscribe button doesn’t work after enabling SSL

Dear Team
I am new to ghost. I have been struggling to setup ghost since last 2 days. I used bitnami packaged ghost from an AWS AMI

Here are 2 strange problems i am facing

  1. After enabling SSL using the tools provided, the “Subscribe” button is not working
  2. Sometimes my browser is redirecting to (But if i open in incognito mode its opening)

If someone can help me here


Hey Chitta!

That sounds like the environment variable in your Docker image aren’t set correctly.

Here’s something similar from a few days ago: Subscribe and login button not working - #19 by Rob_Wright

I am unfamiliar with AWS AMI, but you should be able to update environment variables somewhere. Find the url variable and change it to your actual domain name, including https://.

That should do the trick :slight_smile:

Hi @jannis
Thanks for a quick response. I did what you suggested but it’s now throws error


When i change it back to http:// and restarts, it works again and serves as https:// in the browser but the subscribe button doesn’t work

So, I am a bit confused where the comes from – because that is the URL of localhost, which can only be reached when you’re actually on your server.

Can you confirm that the environment variable url is set to Additionally, you’ll need to restart the container after you’ve updated it.

Once i make http to https in config.production.json it goes to when i type in browser

I have been struggling with this bitnami packaged AMI. I am now planning to install directly

There is a difference between the config.production.json and the environment variables of your server.

My assumption is that the environment variable url is set to and is therefore overwriting whatever you put into the config file.

So, to solve this, you need to find where you can set environment variables in your AWS setup. Have a look at the thread I shared above – we had the same issue there :slight_smile: