Newsletter stopped sending

I’ve setup ghost and apart from the occasional NodeJS shutdown, everything is going well.

When email was direct, I could send my newsletter posts easily, but transactional emails weren’t going through.

So, I changed the config to SMTP and the transactional emails started going, but my newsletter emails don’t go now.

Which brings the question, what is the exact setup?

My environment is as follows.

I have setup Mailgun, verified my domain, they have my payment details, I’m on that PAYG tier, so I am assuming that is cool. I only have green lights.

Likewise, I have put in my IP to be whitelisted.

In the settings on the dashboard, I have put in my verified Mailgun domain and Mailgun Private API key.

There is a screenshot of the error I am getting, and now, I am thoroughly confused as what to do next.

Screenshot from 2022-09-23 19-24-37

Could anyone give me some direction?


For newsletter emails, you need to set up your configuration under SettingsMailgun configuration. This is completely separate from the transactional email set up in your config file.

Additionally, do you see any errors in Mailgun?

Edited this post again. Length is not the issue. Configs were fine.

There are no errors in Mailgun.

Is this a bug of some sort?

Mailgun issues. Sorted by leaving mailgun.