Support dark mode for emails

Simple request for emails sent by Ghost to respect user’s system setting for dark mode.

Hi, I just wanted to bump this. I feel like at this point it’s been established that respecting user dark mode preferences is important, and not just for aesthetic reasons!

At night with device in dark mode it’s physically jarring to open emails or web pages that are in white background… hoping that bumping this request might help. I don’t know how to file a pull request or how to do the coding myself since I have pretty basic knowledge of html/css.

It seems nitpicky maybe but since my field is related to health/wellness respecting dark mode is important and keeps me from going all in with ghost for newsletters

Thank you :pray:t4:

Whether an email displays in light or dark mode is mostly dependent on your mail client. There is no way for emails to recognise or change based on dark/light mode on a computer - but mail clients that support dark mode will adapt to suit.

Eg. fastmail:

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Thanks so much for the reply. It’s interesting that Fastmail does that. Mac/iOS native mail apps render dark mode emails pretty often but not Ghost powered ones:

Looking at this file:

It seems that all colors are hard-coded and there are no lines such as <meta name="color-scheme" content="dark light"> that would indicate to the client that dark mode is supported. I think Fastmail is maybe unique in overriding the styles.

Just thought I would share this in case it helps: