Switch from WordPress -help

I have been using WordPress as my website builder for a few years then I read about ghost. I hope someone can help me.

  1. I use castos to host my radio shows.
  2. My site is content driven with archival episodes of my radio show, interviews etc…
  3. Is ghost a viable option for me. Would I be able to create a simple site like I did on my current site?
  4. I would love to hear back with suggestions etc… I’m open to anything at this point.
    5 if it were you, how would you create a ghost site based on my points listed above.

I’d like to thank the ghost community for helping me and whether I am making the right decision.

Take care


I looked at your site. Just looking at the home page, I thought “Yeah, he could reproduce this in Ghost without a huge amount of work.”

But then I looked at your archives, going back years, and I thought “Uhm, no, probably not.” I mean, moving the content isn’t impossible. (You can export Wordpress to JSON and then import it in Ghost.) What I’m not sure about is whether the links in each WP post (the players) would export and import correctly.

But the killer stopper, to me, is the index tool you’ve set up for the archives. Out of the box, Ghost wants to put all the archives in one long list (albeit with pagination). You can obviously do archives by tag (category), but to get the look you’ve got right now, or even close to it, would be a long slog, I think, and would take quite a bit of hand-coding.

I may be wrong. I hope some others will take a look at your site and weigh in.

Thanks for your reply!! Appreciate it!! :slightly_smiling_face:

It’s important to keep in kind that a migration brings with it opportunities to rethink the presentation and organisation of content.

The Wave theme (an official Ghost theme) demonstrates how you could build various archive playlists using tags, which replicates the end goal of distinct playlists (for shows, years, etc.)

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Excellent! Thanks for pointing this out.

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I was just thinking the same thing.

I recently migrated my WordPress site and podcast over. There are a lot of us who’ve done it and we all seem to have a slightly different interpretation of what it ‘should’ look like for each of us. It looks to me like a site that would do well on Ghost.

Thanks!! That’s encouraging. I like my site to be simple and easy to use without the hassle of worrying about hosting etc…

Do you find that after moving to ghost things are better? What is it about ghost that you like so much? Like I mentioned in a previous comment, I use a tabs widget to organize my radio shows. I really like this because it’s fast, convenient and practical. I’m just not clear on how I would go about doing this in ghost.

One thing my podcast provider Castos suggested, was to make each year a separate podcast and just embed the iframe code for each year into its own tabs or something similar in ghost.

Is ghost easy to maintain compared to WordPress?

I’m looking forward to giving it a try. Right now cloudways is my hosting provider. They are excellent! No issues at all.

I like your answer Jon! Are there videos I can look at to see how this is done?

Thanks jmac!!

Are there examples, sites etc… I can look at to see how ghost works with podcasts?

As a sidenote I have been looking at webflow and Duda as possibilities as well but there is something about ghost that I find appealing. It seems to be more lean and streamlined than the two builders I mentioned above.

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I can tell you SEO is performing better for me on Ghost. Duda is a closed environment and not very flexible. Some people love Webflow but I’ve not used it.

Here’s my main podcast page (in Ghost): Women Conquer Business Podcast & Livestream | Marketing · Women Conquer Business®

Here’s a sample of an episode page: Content Marketing 101: Art of Stopping the Scroll · Women Conquer Business®

I’m using a custom theme and it’s one dimension of my business (the podcast). I tried and liked Hue (a podcast theme) but I wasn’t robust enough to handle everything I needed for my business.

Excellent Jen!! Thanks for the links to your great looking and functional sites!!

I thought of using Hugo which is a static site generator but for me I want something simple, flexible, fast. Ghost is looking more appealing.

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I love it. In fact, here’s my friends’ site that turned me on to Ghost, and I forgot that they also have a podcast: https://www.nearmedia.co.

I love her site and it’s so fast!!! My main issue if it is indeed an issue is how to display my radio shows, interviews etc… I know I can copy/paste the links to each show which is on my castos hosting service. That would take a long time.

There is something castos told me and that’s to use the iframe code for each podcast. They suggested creating a podcast for each year and then use the iframe code for each year.

Any thoughts or ideas?

Thanks again. Now I’m really starting to get excited about using ghost for my site and I’m sure I can rely on the community for help when needed?

I’m going to get in touch with castos for more info.