Switching between official themes erased data

Using Ghost 4.24.0, the other day I was switching between official themes (Chrome 96.0.4664.55) in order to try and isolate why I couldn’t do so with Firefox 94.0.2 (as I too experienced this Ghost bug, with Firefox but not with Chrome).

At various points I was going from Edition → Edition → Edition, trying to capture some network request data. As I couldn’t get the data (don’t ask me why) I then tried going from Edition → Dawn and back to Edition again. Although I’m a bit fuzzy on the exact point that data was lost, I think it was when switching from Edition → Dawn → Edition that a bunch of the site’s data got erased.



  • Code injection
  • Site design images
  • Brand colour
  • Time zone
  • Site social media accounts
  • Site description
  • I’d removed some pages from the navigation menus, which reappeared
  • I’d erased some default pages, which reappeared (or was it just the navigation menu stuff that reappeared? I forget, sorry)


  • Staff member
  • Posts

Ah yeah, forgot to also mention: I’d previously enabled the tiers lab, but when all the above got erased the tiers option got turned off, even though it’s advertised as a one-way street. Nonetheless, upon re-enabling tiers I noticed that the data I’d inputted into the two tiers I’d created hadn’t gotten erased.

Hey @Stromfeldt :wave: Thank you for the report. Did you have any modifications in the Edition/Dawn, for example different ghost-api specified in theme’s engines configuration? Would be awesome to get a very specific and easy to follow reproduction case for this.

Nah, I’d done nothing on those levels to the themes or instance, only what I’d mentioned. The only thing I can add, and it’s probably nothing, is that when I went to update the instance from 4.24.0 to 4.25.0 this morning I was given the following message, which I’ve never seen before. (Unfortunately I ran the suggested command and so don’t know what the permissions were.)

I might not need the instance in a few days’ time and so can try to replicate things to see if I can get the same result.

Otherwise, if there’s any command you’d like me to run or whatever just let me know.

Hey @Stromfeldt. It seems like this has been the only report of this type of bug in a long time, although it’s quite concerning one as it has to do with data. Is it possible that you’ve had multiple sessions/windows going at the same time or some other “user triggered” override of the settings?

Yes, I had admin sessions open in two browsers at the same time (Firefox and Chrome), both logged in with the same staff member. As mentioned, I was (as instructed by someone else) executing a “copy as fetch” request so we could try and get to the bottom of that aforementioned theme change validation bug. After getting the “copy as fetch” data in Firefox I left the Firefox admin window open as I figured I’d be coming back to it as soon as I got the fetch data from Chrome. As I couldn’t get the “copy as fetch” request to work in Chrome, it was in Chrome that I repeatedly switched back and forth between the official themes while the admin session was still open in Firefox.