Dawn theme - with membership files?

Does someone have the Dawn theme with membership files that they can share?

The Ghost team stripped out all the membership files without notice when they released it. I’ve written them this same request as well.

This is poor form on Ghost’s part. You released a broken theme w/o notice. There is not one public mention by Ghost anywhere “hey, we stripped out membership, if you need that, don’t use this theme yet.” Your marketing post says the exact opposite - Dawn is popular with newsletter authors, go download it.

If someone has those files, I would appreciate the share. We aren’t developers and don’t have time atm to get it all figured out. We’ve already customized the dawn theme so we’d prefer to keep using it if there is “hey, upload these files and this route.yaml” thing and then we can customize through code injection until the theme is officially updated.

It looks like the functionality was removed because the theme will be using a different memberships integration with ghost. Seems like you’re just unlucky and caught the theme between transitions.

You can view the theme with the initial integration with this tree:

Thank you! This is super helpful, it is much appreciated.

Speaking of Dawn, why is the favicon image the main image for the site?

Update: The Ghost Team handled my support requests very well. I felt like they understood the business side of my issue as well as the technical side. I complained publicly, I also want to compliment publicly. I’m a happy Ghost Pro customer.


Thanks - was wondering where the files went! Maybe someone should update the readme accordingly, at least for the time being. I couldn’t get the subscribe / login links to work.