The Fizzy Theme - A tasty blogging theme for Ghost

Hello all, I want to first thank Ghost for creating such a wonderful platform for us to blogging.

I have created an open-source blogging theme for Ghost, also to practise the use of Git. It is documented, please visit its GitHub repo for details.

GitHub: Fizzy-Theme

If you like this theme, please give it a star on its GitHub repository. Also please feel free to report issues and post feature requests here. If you like, please also considering contribute to this project.


I like it very much, good job.
I gave you the star on Github.


I mostly like the “Mood kinda Voting” Function at the bottom of the Post. :grin::+1:

Would it be (easy?) possible to implement this Function into any other Theme?

The reaction voting is part of disqus :wink:

Sad to hear that because I don’t like Disqus! :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

First of all congratulation for the theme. A small suggestion, add a background ( maybe white ) to the TOC. Otherwise it creating visibility issue when it’s on image.
Have a question for all, do anybody find similarities between this theme and this premium theme ?