The template

I still love the Ghost tutorial page template.

for those who don’t know it this is the link: Tutorials

is it the customization of an existing template or is it made from scratch?

i would like a template like this, something similar for sale?

Glad you like it!

It’s a customization of our Resources site — Ghost Resources — Stories & Ideas About Indie Publishing — which is itself a custom theme, basically made from scratch.

I can answer any questions you have about how the site was built.

laughing Ryan, is that a typo, or is Ghost being much more secretive than usual??


:rofl: Sorry, it was built by the CIA.

Edited → I can answer any questions you have about how it was built


I also really like the style of the “resources” page.

Is it possible to know what the custom theme you used to start with or is it actually, as you already said, made from scratch?

regarding the search, I imagine that you use algolia