Theme for Airbnb Website

I’ve got this fresh project cooking up, and I would like to set up a website for a Airbnb-style short-term rental brand. Any options out there?

That’ll handle listings and bookings? Not on Ghost. For your blog pages, sure! Lots of great options on the marketplace.

Just for showcase, no listings.

Since you have a long time experience with themes, do you suggest a company that makes themes suitable for airbnb businesses? I’m looking around a lot but I really cannot find much.

Two of my favorite theme sellers are and , but there are more great choices on the Ghost marketplace. I’ve also got a collection of other themes here: How to pick a Ghost theme

For something like an AirBNB-type business, I’m thinking you need to build a snazzy landing page, and then what’s behind that is less critical. Check out the new Ghost header cards - you can do a lot with them! (My site’s front page is pretty much all header cards, NOT custom html.)

Thank you! I’m saving this for further inspection!