Theme w/more simplistic and traditional layout?

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I noticed Attila added dark mode support as of yesterday. Does anyone know how to force it to only display in dark mode, regardless of the users current desktop settings?

After stumbled across the latest incarnation of Attila with built-in dark mode support, I opted to use this as the basis for the site.

It took a fair bit of CSS modifications, and some layout changes within the theme itself, but I finally got what I have been trying to achieve. I think I am fairly pleased at this point, but am still tweaking things and toying with some other ideas.

Thank you to everyone who helped me out. You all are wonderful folks! :bowing_man:

Here are the fruits of the labor:


FANTASTIC @scottie !!! Excellent theme-hunting, my friend!

I have 2 suggestions for you: either –

1) Make those external links open in a new tab so they don’t transport the reader entirely away from your site. The most simple way I’ve discovered to do this is to put this in your site’s Code Injection Site Footer:

  $( document ).ready(function() {
  	$(".post-content a").attr("target","moredetail");


2) Make those external links open in a pop-up modal window. I’ve implemented this on several sites. Let me know if you want the recipe.

3) And finally – there are other ways as well:

Thanks mate for the suggestions! That is a good idea and I will toy around with it.

I also added a “featured articles” box at the very top of the site. Not sure if it looks ok but tried to keep it simple.

At the moment the Featured Articles title font is black, so hardly visible.

I would add: {
    color: #ff940080;

…so you will have

… or set the color to #ff9400 for

Interesting, its showing up as white for me but will def add the color to the CSS.

Just made the change so hoping its showing correctly for you now.

Yep showing white now :ok_hand:

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I’m using Just Good Themes (Royce) - you can see the modified version on my site.