Theme w/more simplistic and traditional layout?

I have had a look at both the theme marketplace and ThemeForest but cannot seem to find a simple theme matching what I am looking for. Does anyone know of any themes that in principle follow the same simple design principle as Daring Fireball?

I am not as concerned with the same font choices - actually prefer what Casper has done with the fonts, and especially its dark mode, but I am looking for something with a far simpler layout for the posts. Special props for less focus on featured images, and a more traditional blog layout, esp w/a linked-list capability, like DF.

Can design something similar to that if you like

Are you interested in working on a theme like that? It would be awesome if you could help design something?

I’ve been looking for more of the typography-focused personal blog themes too. Here are the ones I’m considering in case they are helpful to you as well.

I’ve got a soft spot for Weblog. It really is old school. My current front runner is Astro though since it has membership/subscriptions out of the box.

The Linked List feature, or something close to it, should be possible in just about any theme. You can use a Tag and make a page for it. Most themes support this out of the box with minor edits. So, for example, you could have a Tag called “Linked” and then make a page that only lists those posts. If you don’t want the tag public, Ghost has internal tags#Linked” that would enable the same functionality.

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Astro is actually the one thats closest to what I am looking for but I just cannot see the point of the hamburger menu. I actually prefer a standard header w/menu, and one that can be configured to remain sticky when scrolling. I was also hoping for a dark mode, very similar to how Casper’s dark mode looks.

But you are right, it is definitely the front runner from ThemeForest.

As for the Linked List feature, what I am looking for is something inline rather than having a separate page. Meaning, if a post is tagged a certain way, then I want it displayed a specific way. If not, then its a standard blog post and should render as usual.

This is what I’m using right now for my personal blog.

Source: There might be some slight hard-coding but they are easy to remove.

Yes sure!..sorry for the late reply too

Hi mate. How would you like to work & collaborate on this theme?

Will you look the ghost the theme there?
It might be help you.

Hi mate, thanks for the link to the premium themes. They are all quite beautiful.

Churel is pretty awesome but the home page layout is substantially different from what I am searching for at the moment. Do you do any custom theme work? :blush:

Sure, We do custom Ghost Theme Development too. You may feel free discuss with us by using our live chat from or email us

@lesliecamacho I’m the author of weblog. After reading your comment, I have added full, out-of-the-box paid membership support to weblog.

The reasons I didn’t add support earlier were that a) I was hoping Ghost would make it possible for themes to support memberships without requiring JavaScript, and b) I generally only add features that existing or prospective users actually want, to keep my themes lean :slight_smile: . So thanks for tipping the balance!

@scottie You’ve probably already found another theme, but I put the finishing touches on a prefers-color-scheme dark mode while I was adding membership support. It would be trivial to add a dark mode toggle; if you opt for weblog I could add that to your version free of charge.

lol, yeah I wondered about that. I own and use Weblog, but it’s for a private blog on my local machine. But now I know which way to go for the public site I’m working on! Thank you!

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Awesome! I am still in the hunt for that paradise theme matching as close to possible the design, and feel I am after. Let me take a closer at weblog and will let you know.

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@scottie is this what you’re looking for? I did a quickie mod of @itsmingjie 's Ganymede theme above, styled like Daring Fireball.


Good luck on your hunt… but wow, thanks for telling me about Daring Fireball. A blog that has been up since 2002, seems to be just personal opinion with a few posts a week, and makes $34,000 a month in sponsorship revenue, making it a million dollar business (with a 30x multiple). Pretty amazing. Gives me hope to continue blogging.

Jon Gruber, the guy who runs the blog, is probably the most well known and most prolific Apple blogger. He knows Apple unlike any other analyst working in mainstream media, and know when to be critical of the company. Knowing the cash his blog is generating is highly motivating, right?

Hey mate, this is quite sexy. It is much closer to what I am looking for than anything I have seen. I am not after the same exact color scheme and design as DaringFireball, but something more dark mode Casper oriented.

How hard was it to make the mods you made? Reason I ask is there are a few things I would like to change, starting w/color scheme, and typography, but then some minor (I think they are considered minor) layout changes.

But this is super close! Thank you for the work on this :pray: !

@scottie if you want to list the changes you’d like, I’ll make them for you. :innocent:

Wow, thank you so much. What is the best way for us to collaborate one-on-one?