Tier Plan name is wrong on account user page

Ghost version: 5.2.3

My Ghost theme has “Account” page where there is information for logged in user about his account detalils email, plan etc.

Under “Your Plan” section, page displays this:
Your Plan:
“Yearly - 20$/year”.

It should be:
Your Plan:
Tier-Plan-Name - 20$/year (year word should be translated also)

  • There is a way to change Yearly name into tier plan name under Stripe Admin products pricing settings page, but you could improve it anyway, so no need Stripe Admin pricing editing.

Theme developer said, it is Ghost CMS issue.

<label class="account-detail-heading">{{t "Your plan"}}</label>
<span class="account-detail-content">{{plan.nickname}} — {{price plan}}/{{plan.interval}}</span>

Besides, when Email Newsletter feature is disabled, I can see this option on Portal user account settings. It should be disabled (hidden) as well over there.