Why api v0.1 is depreciated when api v2 is not documented?

I like the activity of the master branch in the main repository but do not like depreciating old api, when new is not prepared.

My question. Is known any estimated time of releasing v2 admin api? When both admin and client api v2 will be documented? Now I do not know if should I change platform and stop using ghost, integrate ghost with my workflow with api v1, that was blocked in the last version. I would like to use admin api v2 and I can wait, but do not know if it will be released in next week, next month, next year?

There it is written that api v2 (work in progress)


But content api v2 seems to be released and stable

Ghost Content API Documentation

Description of Admin API is great and promissive


His status is described as experimental

Ghost API Versioning

So I would like to use this experimental version, but please document it.
Or use admin api v1, but it is removed…

The v2 Content API replaces the deprecated v0.1 Public API and is fully documented at Ghost Content API Documentation

There never was a v1 API. The v0.1 “write” API was never public, documented, or designed for use outside of Ghost-Admin, as such it’s not “deprecated” as it was never intended to be used. The v2 Admin API is not released yet but it is being actively worked on, as always the timeline is “when it’s ready”. When it’s released and usable there will be documentation but not before.

What is your use-case for the API? Perhaps there are alternative routes to achieve what you want.

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Use case:

I would like to edit the content of the article. I have markdown but can convert it to HTML. So I need to send a request that replaces the old content of the article by the new one.

I see that in the database posts are stored as mobile-doc. I would like to avoid conversion to mobile-doc on my (client) side but I can do also this because of there is code for this task:

I do not want to use ember admin because of problems described there:

Markdown to MobileDoc converter

  • Impossible Grammarly support
  • Lacking easy selection of a language of code
  • Efficiency problem with huge markdown cards

I fall in love with your templates and content v2 api, so I want to use your platform.

The simplest solutions, I see now are:

  1. writing my own API with access directly to the database
  2. modify the code of ghost and create a pull request

Honestly, your best case right now is hang on a month or so. We know all these problems and our full time team is actively working on solving them.

Why duplicate the work?

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Thank you @Hannah. We can close this issue.

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