Tracking conversions in Google Analytics

There is a great help document on how to set up a basic Google Analytics integration - Google Analytics

However, I’d like to get to the next level, and preferably track “free” and “paid” conversions to my newsletter. I could then measure by source, connect ads to an ROI, etc.

Does anyone have a simple way of doing this integration? Feels valuable to most Ghost users?

Hey @Scarletink I know this doesn’t answer the question you asked, but just in case you are unaware, there are now some great alternatives to Google Analytics that are simpler and much more privacy-friendly :slightly_smiling_face: that don’t use cookies so you won’t have to show one of those pop-up cookie banners to be compliant with GDPR. Ghostboard, Simple Analytics, Plausible, GoatCounter spring to mind.

Ghostboard was designed specifically for Ghost websites although I’m not sure if it tracks free and paid conversions like you are wanting to do, as I haven’t tried it yet.

I actually am not necessarily aware of alternatives (which would compare favorably in regards to free features). Matomo was the only major alternative I knew about, but you mentioned a number of others. I’ll have to look into them. Thanks!