What are my free analytics options for newsletters sent via Ghost?

I already have Google Analytics set up on my actual site (here for reference) but having just sent my first newsletter using Ghost, I’ve realised I don’t automatically have analytics to understand who opened, clicked etc. Is there a way to set this up using a free tool like Google Analytics in Ghost?

No simple way to do it just yet, but you can expect to see this natively in Ghost in the next few months :slight_smile:


There’s a part of me that wondered if you folks would just go all Hey email on it and declare email analytics dead (as they did with pixel tracking). Something native is probably a better plan though.

It’ll be an interesting experience to publish for a few months with subscribes/unsubscribes as the only metric. Thanks for the info.


^I was thinking the same, might be quite refreshing for me actually, lol.

I actually only like minimal stats - I turn off the most detailed analytics on EmailOctopus as I find them too much.

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This is a big loss when moving from another newsletter service. I think its a deal breaker so should be added asap :slight_smile:

Check out mailflagger.com, which seems like a decent tool for Mailgun analytics. Not sure how well it works, but maybe worth a look?

You know, you can do this natively inside Mailgun, right?

Mailgun Analytics

thanks for the https://mailflagger.com mention @dan

In addition to analytics we offer sending emails from your Mailgun domain, customizable event notifications and email sequencing is coming soon.