Treatment of unverified emails when adding members via the API

At Viral Loops we have created an integration to add members to Ghost using api.members.add like so:
api.members.add({email: ''}, {send_email: true, email_type: 'subscribe'});

This adds the new member but also sends them the signup confirmation email which, at that point is unnecessary. The member is already in Ghost. The confirmation message is there as a safeguard against fake signups. When adding a member via the API, there should be a way to determine how should Ghost treat the new member:

  1. Ask for confirmation, ie. send the confirmation message. In this case the member should be added to Ghost only after they’ve confirmed their email.
  2. Accept them automatically. Useful in cases where the email is already confirmed, eg. if the member passed a double opt-in process prior to being added to Ghost. Viral Loops, for example, supports double opt-in for new sign-ups and if that was enabled, the members we’d send to Ghost would be verified.

From our part, we’ll disable the signup confirmation since it doesn’t add anything to the new member’s experience and wait for any updates on the above.