Turn Visitors into your subscribers!

Hi Guys,

I have been using Ghost for the last 3 years on startuptalky.com and we get like 1 million visitors a month.

The challenge was the there was no want to learn more about my visitors or connect with them in an awesome way!

So now after 3 years, we launched SeizeLead.com- a lead capturing tool which not only captures leads but also provides deeper insight around your audience.

we also got many targeting option, integration and other widgets like lead form helpful for ghost users

So use it now and get the max roi and connection from your blog. Takes <3 minutes to get started.

So, I am curious. How does this integrate in Ghost? Is it just a separate tool or does it do anything with Ghost’s native membership functionality?

Also, wouldn’t it make sense to show Ghost as one of the compatible CMS, if you’ve built the tool because you saw a lack of functionality in your Ghost site?

I’ve moved this over to the Marketplace area. And I agree with @jannis - I’d like to know how it integrates with Ghost, since you’re posting it on the Ghost forum.