Turning a Page Into a Post

I really want this feature to come back.

Being able to turn a page into a post is extremely valuable, when I’m sharing a draft with others for initial feedback and it’s not quite ready to be published.

When I do feel like the page is getting the positive response I sought, it’s great to be able to turn it into a post in one click.

Doing that same process manually is much harder.

Even if this was just available as a Labs option, I’d use it often.

I’m sorry, I’m not quite following, why are you using a page for this? Both posts and pages have preview URLs that can be shared before publishing.

Because I actually want these pages to be live. I may decide to publish them as posts later on

So what is the difference between a post and a page for your use-case which makes one “unpublished” and one “published”?

I’m asking because as I said before the use-case you’ve outlined of showing people before publishing is exactly what previews are for. Here’s a preview URL of a post that’s “live” on my Ghost site but not published…


The difference is that I publish a page to share with selective audiences such as a Facebook or other social media group and then if people seem to like it, I turn the page into a post on my blog which will trigger it to be distributed to my newsletter using Zapier.

There are lots of things I can write that will be helpful to select audiences, not all of which fit the tone of my blog, but based on feedback I change my mind.

Keep in mind that I also want to give users a URL that will stay the same and get indexed for SEO so the people who do care about the topic I’m writing about will find it. When I share a page I may turn into a post, I want the page to be so valuable for them that they’ll bookmark it; not just read it once.

OK, that sounds like a job for tags and dynamic routing which are designed to solve that sort of content separation rather than posts vs pages.

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