Twitter not showing image uploaded using Twitter Card

In my blog entry I am trying to learn how to use Twitter Cards. All is fine, except that the image I upload is not shown by Twitter. To see the problem, use regular non-mobile browser.

This is my blog entry:

This is a tweet about it:

Version 1.21.1
casper (worldcasper2) Version 2.1.10

Same problem seems to be with posts at as well, for example:


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Hey @MSarjakoski

I can only guess that the reason your article image is not shown on Twitter is the dimension of the image. It is probably too small for Twitter, even though the documentation says different:

Images for this Card support an aspect ratio of 2:1 with minimum dimensions of 300x157 or maximum of 4096x4096 pixels

The reason that the image is not shown on John’s Tweet is that there it was intentional (by adding no image to the tag careers).

You can also use the twitter card feature, which allows you to upload a special image just for Twitter (or Facebook).

Can you try, using a different image (maybe even the Twitter card specific one) and check with the card validator, if that helped?

Let me know!


Please change that picture what you used on that post and upload larger image as #Aileen mentioned the proper size in earlier reply.

Your are using the following image, which is really too small and picture spect ratio is not correct for twitter.


Hey Aileen,
Thanks for your reply. I will do as you suggest and check the image size.
Thanks for explaining John’s Tweet. Did not realize it was intentional.
Twitter Card feature is what I am trying to use.
I will get back when I’m done some more experimenting. Thanks.

Thank you for looking into this. Obviously I need to be more careful. Funny though, that Twitter’s card validator does not complain about the size.

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That’s great we could help you here.

My Twitter Card image was too small. :blush:
Now that is fixed and Twitter is showing the image as expected.
Thank you for your time, @themeix and @Aileen!

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