Typing stop working when I use spanish accent mark in iPadOS 15

I’m new in Ghost(Pro) and in my daily writing I usually use an iPad Pro with a Logitech keyboad because all day I’m not in my home. When I’m typing in my native language (spanish) and use the accent mark, typing stop working. I tried to emulate this issue with other platform (Wordpress, Medium, etc) and only affect Ghost (self hosted and Ghost Pro).

I use iPadOS 15 and this problem is present in any browser: tested in Safari, Firefox, Opera, Chrome. I imagine that is a general problem with the OS in matter.

Trying to fixing it I tried to change the physical keyboard to another one (not automatic) as said in Apple Forums but this didn’t fix it.

The problem is not present if I use the tactile keyboard (is not practical or intuitive to write). I’m tired of Worpress and I really like minimal editors like Medium, that’s why I started to use Ghost, but right now if I want to write something in my blog I have to write it in Notion or another app and then paste it in Ghost, or just write all my post without the spanish accent mark.

Problem not present when using the markdown editor.

Emojis not working on iPadOS 15 (iPad Pro 2021) with Logitech Keyboard.

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