Ugly Blockquote

Hello Everyone,

I was wondering I do have ugly blockquote after posting a post I mean → big " " instead a blue line at the left ?

When I am in editor everything is ok but after posting I do have this " … " instead blue line at the left !!!

My ghost-cli is 1.15.3


Hi @nomore!

Although your approach is somewhat concise, I think you are referring to a concept that is initially difficult to assimilate.

The view that you perceive in the administrator, with its own layout classes, does not adjust to the reality of the front, since they are managed independently.

On the one hand you have the CSS corresponding to the admin, and on the other, to the front. Therefore, the beauty of that Blockquote you mention will depend on the theme you are using.

By changing the theme you use, it will look different. Although with a little CSS knowledge, you can modify whatever you want from Ghost to your liking.

I hope at least I have been able to help you understand how the base works.

All the best.

Thanks for an answer, you could be right that Width other theme it can be changed, I think I need to look for a theme css to modify it for my purpose.

I thought at the begging that it can be related with some options I am not aware of.