Unable to connect to local ghost installation to zapier

I want to connect “Sendinblue” newsletter service to my ghost site using zapier. But my site is running on localhost:2368 in production mode, I think(I set the NODE_ENV and there’s a config.production.json file visible too). Zappier gives the following error when I try to connect.


  • I’m using a local ghost ghost installation with a mysql external database both of which are containerized using docker.
  • My node version is 16.17.0, I used the ghost:latest image in docker and I’m using chrome browser.

Zapier is an external service that has no access to your local network ( is only available on the same machine you’re on).

The only way you can use Zapier with a locally hosted instance is to set up a public-facing proxy that routes through to your local server. If it’s just for development you can use something like https://ngrok.com that will automatically create a public proxy address for you - just be aware that you’ll need to update your local instance’s config to use that for it’s url and unless you’re paying for a custom domain the url you’re given is ephemeral and will change each time you restart it.

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