Import failing with "Detected unsupported file structure"

I’m following the instructions at “The Importer” to import posts from my current Octopress blog to Ghost. Despite specifying the import .json file correctly, the import was failing with the error, “Detected unsupported file structure”.

It turns out, the version specification for Ghost import files changed between 1.x and 2.x, it now requires semantic versioning. Changing the “version” from "003" to "2.0.3" fixed the issue, and my posts were successfully imported.

Just posting this hear in case anyone else runs into this mysterious error.

Which exporter have you used? Looks like the exporter needs an update.

Please install a Ghost V1 blog, import your export and then migrate to Ghost V2.

I’m writing my own exporter to migrate posts from my Octopress blog, based on the URL linked above. I think the documentation needs to be updated to reflect the new format for the version string.

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