Unable to send mail

It shows like that for almost 10 days as of today…
…and I gave all settings for mailgun like domain and api keys but it isn’t sending a mail to my subscribers…
Is there a solution???
Url : https://treanches.digitalpress.blog

Please share details about your set up :-p

  • ghost logs
  • ghost version
  • mailgun + smtp configs
  • server os details
  • etc.

@pascalandy Ghost is latest version…anyways I don’t need to update since it’s digitalpress…
no server i mean digitalpress
browser : opera gx
what is logs and what should I say about mailgun + smtp config means??
I just connected api keys and mailgun domain in ghost labs and I didn’t do anything…

You issue is 99% there :slight_smile:

Now, I agree that Ghost should give an error and not show what you see in the screenshot. You should open an issue (bug) here. Point to this conversation.