Unknown characters are visible only when using Safari browser + Korean input

Issue Summary

  • Unknown character is shown on safari browser if post is written on chromium browser

Steps to Reproduce

  • Write article by Korean text on Chrominum based browser (Arc Browser / Google Chrome Browser)
  • Read on Safari Browser ( Mobile / Mac )


Unknown characters are visible only when using Safari browser + Korean input. This only happens when a post containing Korean characters is created in the editor and viewed through Safari browser on Chromium-based browsers. (Same on mobile devices, not visible when viewed on Chromium-based browsers.)
I’ve found a few cases through personal testing, but the problem still occurs in unknown cases.

Here’s the page I tested for my own purposes.

For Korean input, the problem cases I found are as follows.

  • (always): card is moved and an unknown string is added to the korean text before or after.
  • (sometimes): dragging, clearing content, and rewriting added an unknown string to that paragraph
  • (sometimes): when using lists, an unknown string is added before the list text each time (I didn’t find this in testing, but it did happen on some posts, unfortunately I’ve already fixed those posts so I can’t show you the issue)

There is same issue on this forum but it is not solved.

As you can see, it appears not only my case but also another unknown cases. and It appears only on Korean (Hangul). I found this case in some other ghost blogs.

How to solve this problem and why it happens?

Setup information

Ghost Version


Node.js Version

How did you install Ghost?
Self-hosted / Docker

Provide details of your host & operating system
VM - Ubuntu 22.04 - docker

Database type

Browser & OS version
Test Device

  • Mac : 14.3 (23D56), MacBook M1 Pro
  • iOS / iPadOS : 17

Test Browser

  • Safari Version 17.3 (19617.
  • Chrome Version 121.0.6167.85 (Official Build) (arm64)
  • Arc Version 1.28.0 (45831)

Relevant log / error output

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