Can i not use english on post url?

  • What’s your URL? This is the easiest way for others to help you
  • What version of Ghost are you using? 5.53.1

I am web developer working in korea

I have blog use ghost (AWS Lightsail)
I want write korean url but ghost default slug is english

I try write

ghost to change

How to use korean url slug?

It used to be that such characters were not allowed in URLs, according to RFC 3986.

But according to the newer WHATWG standard for URLS, Unicode is allowed in URLs if the code points are in the range U+00A0 to U+10FFFD.

It appears the code points you tried to use were these two:

  • Hangul Syllable Hel (U+D5EC)
  • Hangul Syllable Ro (U+B85C)

It seems to me like they would be in the valid range.

To me, this seems like be a bug in Ghost if Ghost is still creating URLs based on the older RFC 3986 standard for URL formats and not the WHATWG URL spec.

Ghost might be able to replace it’s current URL building library based on the old standard with one based on the new standard, like whatwg-url - npm

@Kevin What do you think?

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Thank you !

If I write post url in Korean and submit it, it will automatically change to English.
I hope it will be written in Korean when I submit it.

Thank you again for your reply. :slight_smile:

And i waiting kevin’s answer too

Is there any update here?
Having the same problem with ghost pro.
The url pasted behind the domain automatically converted to English according to the pronunciation.
Any help would be glad.

Create a new post in the “Bugs” category of this forum to request that this should work.

Since Ghost is starting to support other languages now, it seems like a bug that more characters don’t work in the URLs.

As I posted above, the web standards have evolved here to support more characters in URLs and Ghost should evolve, too.