Unresponsive forms and buttons after changing the domain

I’m experiencing trouble with forms, Stripe checkout buttons and changing the “from” emails. My code hasn’t changed, the only thing I did was to update Ghost and create a new DO Droplet with a new domain.

Checkout buttons are simply unresponsive. I already re-connected Stripe multiple times and made sure it’s not connected to the previous droplet (which is deleted).

Every time I try to either test signing up or signing in with a form it just reloads the page and nothing else happens.

I’m able to send newsletters (my production.config.json stayed the same), but cannot change the “from” and “support” email address. I’m able to do this on localhost, but not on my production admin page.

I’d greatly appreciate if anyone looked into this matter.

This is my Ghost data:
Screenshot 2020-09-08 at 22.47.26