Upgrading 18.04 to 20.04 on multiple DigitalOcean droplets

I have multiple droplets on DigitalOcean, each of them created using the Marketplace Ghost installation app. I just noticed that some of these are running on Ubuntu 18.04.x LTS. Is there a simple command line instruction I can use to upgrade these droplets to the latest version of Ubuntu 20.04 LTS?

And is this safe enough to do?

I do of course have backups for these droplets.

And is there anything else I should update while I’m at it? I read somewhere here on the forum that some packages installed with the Marketplace Ghost image might also be out of date. Is there a way I can check to make sure everything installed on my droplets are up to date?

From now on when creating new Ghost sites I will probably just start with a fresh 20.04 droplet and do a manual install.

My experience was that it worked fine using the recommended procedure - really, just a matter of doing a do-release-upgrade. No issues encountered; during the various prompts, the usual answer was not to change the current settigns (e.g. when updating grub).
I then used the opportunity to upgrade nodejs, npm and the ghost-cli
One potential - as MySQL upgraded to version 8 during the release upgrade, some of us encountered an issue with database collation, which appears when updating ghost. Solution here.

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Thanks! I’ve noticed there is an option to change MySQL to sqlite3 via the config file. What are the pros/cons of switching to sqlite3?

And beneath that it also says

In a typical Ghost installation the MySQL database will be on the same server as Ghost itself. With cloud computing and database-as-a-service providers you might want to enable SSL connections to the database. If your Certificate CA or the CA of your database provider is in the Mozilla trusted CA list you can enable SSL by adding "ssl": true to the database connection configuration

Is that something I can/should do if I’m running a self-hosted Ghost website on Digital Ocean and Cloudflare?