Use private RSS feed URL

I want to update my Ghost theme to offer the private RSS feed URL (<site>/<unguessable>/rss) for blogs that are configured as private, and the public URL (<site>/rss) for sites that are public.

The two things I need for this that I can’t find in the documentation are:

  1. A conditional for “this site is password protected/private”. ({{#is private}} is for detecting if we’re on the private/password page; but I need something that will work on every page)
  2. A template variable that will provide the <unguessable> part of the private RSS feed URL (or the full private RSS feed)

I would then update my template to read something similar to this:

<!-- These are not real Ghost template variables, this will not work -->
<a href="{{@site.is_privtae}}{{@site.url}}/{{@site.unguessable}}/rss{{else}}{{@site.url}}/rss{{/if}}">RSS</a>

Do these things exist?

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There’s nothing you need to do, Ghost already supports this by default :slight_smile: