Using Ghost instead of WP for my blog


I found out about Ghost from reading Tales From The Crypt.

I have a WP blog now, had it for years. Almost no one cares. Fewer still read it. So I figure it’s time for a change.

I was going to do another WP blog. But Ghost looks good. I like the vibe. Kicking the tires.

I’d probably opt for the Basic Plan, to get flexibility and the Themes.

Given the Basic Plan…

  1. I want to do video on my site – invite one or more to do video. I meet someone on Twitter. Instead of them flaming me there, I invite them to meet me on video, as proof that I’m insane. Then from there they’ll leave me alone. Because after all, who’s so cruel they’d pick on crazy people?

Instead of using Zoom I want to use Jitsi meet, here

Can I add Jitsi?

  1. I have this fantasy that someone would actually pay me for what’s on my blog or something I create. Dreams that they’ll send me tips for my content, or buy a t-shirt. So I’d have a tip jar on the home page, link to a store.

Will either of these work for tips?

2A. For a store, all I’d need is to be able to display an image, description, and give them a way to pay - Bitcoin or Cash App.

Will this work?

Could I then add in a Zap to send them a receipt?

  1. As I understand it Ghost is fully customizable, yes? Do some here feel that anything WP does, Ghost does better?

  2. What’s the support and development community like? Will I be able to get help, get q’s answered easily?

  3. So all my content is hosted on Ghost? Is there any limit to the amount of pictures or content I upload?

  4. I also want visitors (assuming anyone cares about my blog, which is highly unlikely) to contact me and upload an attachment. So for example they could let me know if they spotted a Martian, upload a picture as proof.

Will this work?

  1. Subscribers. Again, I can’t believe anyone will subscribe to my blog. But what the heck, a guy has to have dreams.

It looks like Ghost has a built-in subscription thing? Or do I still need to use Mailchimp?

peace and love,