Using Missinglettr to create a Drip Campaign

Is anybody else using Missingletter to automatically create drip campaigns from newsletters on social media?

I bought a lifetime subscription years ago via AppSumo and it seems like it was a worthwhile purchase at the time. They have a little Curate thing that lets you put your link into a centralized database according to topic and let people use it to help them have a balanced feed of sharing more easily, and it does seem to be a pretty nice, reasonably passive promotion stream so I thought I’d mention it to the community here.

Here’s a screenshot of what the interface looks like:

So for example this tweet was generated from the RSS feed of my newsletter about glass: Siliceous skeletons & the origin of clear glass windows.

To be clear, it’s not a pure automation – I perform human review each week and tweak things, but overall it saves me a lot of time and I really like the way it inserts a quick little promo that I’ve vetted and tweaked, taken from my own words, into my feed once or twice a day in the midst of the rest of my natural chatter.


Hi, thank you for sharing. I was thinking to use Zapier or N8N to automate post on social media. To your mind, what would be the advantage of missinglettr ?

For me it’s that missinglettr doesn’t just automate one post of “hey I posted a new article” or whatnot; it’s an entire drip campaign that automatically pre-populates a series of posts based on the text of my post that are spaced out over a period of time (for example a 2 month blast or a year-long campaign). I don’t know if n8n can do that (maybe it can). It’s “smarter” than Zapier or the similar wordpress plugin that just posts “x post is now live!” to my twitter (can customize it, but only fires once). I also like that it gives me a calendar gui where I can re-arrange posts and get a really nice top-level view or even schedule posts directly in their GUI so it doesn’t muddy up my other twitter stuff that isn’t drip campaign related.

Plus I don’t think it’s possible to do the cross-promo stuff Curate supports through Zapier.

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thank you ! would you know some alternative to missinglettr so that I can explore this type of service ?

I don’t but hopefully someone else does! Drip campaigns are a fantastic way to keep resurfacing your archives and keep your content “working for you” to interest potential readers. I hate to waste the work of a great post by relying on passive SEO to put it in front of people who might enjoy it.

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very nice idea, I do agree

I use MissingLettr, and especially the Curate feature, which is similar to Quuu Promote. Curate seems to mostly drive Facebook traffic (from what I can tell) to my WP site. We’ve used it to drive people to a new business and I have to say we are getting some traffic and shares because of it, which is great, because as you noted, it’s hard to rely solely on passive SEO, especially in the beginning. For campaigns, it depends. For the podcast/livestream, we use to promote episodes because it takes what MissingLettr does one step further — it edits the videos on the fly to match the text you’re sharing. Very slick. But, MissingLettr is fabulous and stable and I recommend it to people all the time because of the great campaigns.

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