Does Ghost have anything like Gutenberg?

I’m trying to determine whether Ghost is apropos for sites with complex static pages. My guess is that yes, it can be done programmatically in the theme template - which is fine but perhaps not for sites to be used by non-technical clients.

I am looking to move on from WordPress and have a couple of simple blogs that can easily be switched to Ghost, but I’m not sure what approach to take with some of the more complex sites.

Would really make modding & creating themes or layouts pretty fast. Sounds like it could be a good sized project by itself? There are the little bars we can drag to reorder the navigation bars though so some of it looks like its already there.

Somewhat of a segue or aside onto this, it would be great to have something like below that labels what hbs files are being loaded for which blocks similar to this imaged here. Dunno if I should make this a separate idea or not.

Feels like Ghost is only apropos for end clients for blogging purposes, everything else would require technical skills (no problem for me, just not my end clients).

I’m assuming is built on Ghost?