Can Ghost be used as a landing page sales site?

So that is basically it.

Do you know if ghost is a good idea for creating a landing page? Or would be better to use Wordpress for that?


Yes! But most platforms will be able to do this. It really depends on what you’re trying to create.

Where Ghost will shine is if you want to do more with the signups. If you want to cultivate a community, have a newsletter, or more, then Ghost is a fantastic choice.

You can see how Ghost stacks up against the competition here:

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Thank you! What I love about Ghost compared to WP is the simplicity. I guess it’s time to learn some theme coding.

Would you say that it’s easier to develop for Ghost compared to WP?

Well, I think Ghost can! When I was looking for a platform for my own site several years ago, it was actually the simplicity/power of Ghost’s theming engine compared to WP that made me choose it. Haven’t looked back :blush:

For learning theme development, a nice place to start is to look at one of our official themes. For example, here’s the code for Casper, our default theme:

Ghost’s templating language, Handlebars, is very friendly and everything else is standard HTML/JS/CSS. Check out our docs to get started: Ghost Handlebars Themes - Building a custom Ghost theme - Docs

and tutorials:

We also have a VS Code extension to help with learning/writing code:

This community is also fantastic if you have questions or get stuck :smile:


Hey @RyanF I just saw this. This is very helpful for us. :heart_eyes: