Validation error, cannot edit setting. Please enter a valid email address

Hello, everyone. Perhaps someone can help me. When I want in GHOST 5.5.0 to change or add some link in the navigation menu, I get this message “Validation error, cannot edit setting. Please enter a valid email address.” I have searched for online help, but have not found anything suitable. I have not had this problem before. Thanks

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Hi @dgrom are you able to provide the full error from your ghost logs?

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I am also facing this same issue while making any edits to settings - Example - Update code injections

Ghost version - 5.8.0
Node Version - v16.16.0
MYSQL Version - 8.0.30

Error log

$ ghost log
NAME: ValidationError
MESSAGE: Please enter a valid email address.

level: normal

ValidationError: Please enter a valid email address.
    at /var/www/
    at arrayEach (/var/www/
    at Function.forEach (/var/www/
    at Object.edit (/var/www/
    at docNameMethod (/var/www/
    at /var/www/
    at tryCatcher (/var/www/
    at Object.gotValue (/var/www/
    at Object.gotAccum (/var/www/
    at Object.tryCatcher (/var/www/
    at Promise._settlePromiseFromHandler (/var/www/
    at Promise._settlePromise (/var/www/
    at Promise._settlePromise0 (/var/www/
    at Promise._settlePromises (/var/www/
    at _drainQueueStep (/var/www/
  • Restart Ghost - No fix
  • Force Update - No fix
  • Restart MySQL and Server Reboot - No fix
  • Adding dummy staff with full privilege - No fix

This issue occurs only on the Site Settings page
rest things on the Dashboard work well

  • website settings
  • Members
  • Advanced

Test My Production site locally on my system
Facing this same issue on localhost too
error log same as above I posted

seems Issue on bluebird Promise()

There was a solution discussed here:

All you need to do is set and confirm your support email address inside Settings / Membership / Customize Portal / Portal Settings. Help it works!