Version of Ghost that will work out of the box?

I am installing Ghost in Digital (as it as the recommended choice in their blog) and I am running into issues with accessing the MYSQL database. I have been posting in this forum on how to solve but it just seems like I am trying to fix something that is supposed to work out of the box.

This is the version of Ghost I am using
Ghost-CLI version: 1.26.0

Is there a version that will simply work after you install?

If you’re looking for a “just works out of the box” setup, managed hosting might be a lot more suitable than self-hosting, in my (biased) opinion.

Self-hosting always brings a certain degree of “getting your hands dirty”. As software evolves, tutorials will get outdated – and so will one-click installations.

I read about some issues with Digital Ocean’s one-click install a few weeks ago here on the forum. So, the issues you’re facing might be related to that.

There are solutions like Pikapods, where you have more-or-less full control over what you’re doing, but the infrastructure is managed. Maybe that would be a good compromise for you?

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