Video embed break page on mobile

I tried to embed odysee videos using the link method but does not work. So I have to embed old school HTML way… and it breaks on mobile… Any ideas how to fix this?

Or how could we implement adding native odysee video embeds by url?

Try this…

There’s a Generic iframe option…

Thanks! Didn’t know there was such a website! It would be nice to natively embed odysee videos though!

I’ve been doing a lot of video streaming so I had a look at the network calls…

You can use a video library like … video.js

and retrieve the streaming URL from Odysee with a API call …
and pass the MP4 stream to the video.js player loading - locally.

Not sure how I would do that…

But odysee sent me a new code that embeds responsively:

<iframe id="odysee-iframe"
style="width:100%; aspect-ratio: 16 / 9;"

Odysee told me that they do have oEmbed support. Yet it doesn’t work! So what’s next then?

Hey guys, Tom from Odysee here. Been working wth Baranby on this, and wanted to chime in regarding: Odysee native video embeds

We do have embedly and oembed setup, so our URLs should be compatible directly like others as mentioned in the feature request. Is there some configuration change/ whitelisting that needs to be done to add our domain maybe?

You can see our working oembed here here: Iframely URL Debugger - Open Graph, Twitter Cards, oEmbed

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Hi @tzarebczan. Thanks for joining the conversation :slight_smile: I’ve just tested this locally and we are making an oembed request but we’re getting some odd text back from your service which then errors because it’s not JSON.

For the example video URL provided we end up requesting


which returns the following text:

The URL is invalid or is not associated with any claim.

Are we hitting the wrong URL in this case or is there something else going wrong with our requests to your service?

Hey Kevin, thanks for the reply. Looks like it’s just missing the s, in https:

Result: { "type": "video", "version": "1.0", "title": "At Last (Beach version) - Barnaby Nagy", "author_name": "Barnaby Nagy", "author_url": "", "provider_name": "Odysee", "provider_url": "", "thumbnail_url": "", "thumbnail_width": "390", "thumbnail_height": "220", "html": "<iframe id=\"odysee-iframe\" width=\"560\" height=\"315\" src=\"\" allowfullscreen></iframe>", "width": "560", "height": "315" }

Good spot, thanks. I’ve opened a PR with a fix that should go out in our next release.

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That’s awesome, going to make Barnaby’s life much easier!

Appreciate the quick supprot!

Thanks for that! When will be your next release?

I love this whole thread. Big shout out to @Kevin and @tzarebczan for the user-focused discussion! :)


When will it be fixed?

There’s no fixed release date for any particular issue.

Typically after a fix has been merged it will be in a public release available for self-hosters the next Friday ready to install as they see fit but if you’re on a hosted service then the timing of when that release is rolled out and made available will vary. Ghost(Pro) typically phases the rollout over the Monday/Tuesday following the Friday release. Of course all of that is variable based on many factors so there’s no guarantee on exact release schedules.

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Your answer is complex and ambiguous. My question wasn’t generic. I was asking if you know when this particular fix will be issued so that I can redeploy my instance.