Odysee native video embeds

I tried to embed odysee videos using the link method but does not work. So I have to embed old school HTML way… and it breaks on mobile…

Please add native odysee video embed! It has more than 5 million monthly unique visits!

Ghost’s embedding system relies on the open oEmbed standard. If the site you are trying to embed hasn’t implemented that then embedding via a link won’t work. We don’t add site-specific embeds as they are fragile and each one adds continual maintenance work.

I would suggest reaching out to Odysee and asking if they plan to implement it.

FWIW, if the embed code they give you to paste in doesn’t work on mobile then it would likely be the same situation if they supported oEmbed because all it defines is a way to fetch that manual embed code automatically - there’s nothing more “native” in Ghost for any embeds. You may also be able to work around the mobile issues with changes in your theme.

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