Warning when multiple users edit the same post

Is there a way to limit one person having access to a story/article/page in Ghost at a time?

Several times two people will be working on a single blog/page unbeknownst to one another. Only one person gets to save their work. The other person? SOL.
If we cannot limit access to a page/blog to one person at a time, a warning message/banner would also be helpful. Something along the lines of “Someone is already editing. Any changes you make will not be saved.”

In case you couldn’t tell, I just lost a lot of work.


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Personally, I’d love to see a few things here.

I don’t know of a solution available today offhand.

  1. Ability to lock a post when someone is editing it
  2. Ability for multiple people to share the editing experience (a la Google Docs)
  3. Ability to atomize content using the snippets feature, to edit a snippet, and to filter snippets