Webflow + Ghost?

Hi! We’re Webflow users, but would like to host our blog on Ghost, which, for SEO reasons, should stay on the root domain. So /blog/. What options would someone have for that? Is there an API we can leverage?

Hi @jaanmatti, it’s certainly possible to host your Ghost blog in a subfolder! See this forum thread for example.

However, this is usually done with /blog/ and the main website on the same server, and I doubt Webflow will let you set up that kind of redirect to an external site. You should probably ask the Webflow community about that.

As another option, have you considered setting up Ghost in a subdomain, like blog.example.com? That’s much more likely to be supported by platforms like Webflow. And I don’t thank that would negatively impact SEO, since it’s still a subdomain of your main website (but maybe verify that with someone else, since I’m not an expert).

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