Developer Extensibility?

I’ve been using Ghost on and off since the first release, and have recently come back to it for a personal blog.

I’m finding that the process of extending Ghost with some performance customization is proving difficult or impossible without forking the entire project or adding the complexity of using Ghost as a headless editor and doing additional content manipulation in the middle of the deploy step.

Which comes to my question, has developer extension of Ghost been eliminated from the future of the project?

Ghost is designed around people using the product, not developers modifying it. It’s a publishing platform, not a developer playground. If you want a developer playground, you’ll be better off with product designed for that, like Gatsby or Hugo.

So yes, developer extensibility has been eliminated, which is fine, everything pointed to that but I couldn’t find somewhere that it was simply stated.

The goals I had where in whether there were clear options for adding new schema types etc for types of publications without clear support in Ghost as it is today.

From what I understand, the primary market is for pure article based blogging?