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Hi Everyone

I would be so grateful if someone can help me with this, been pulling my hair out for days.

I have a Plesk12 server running Debian 8. I pulled down a fresh ghost image using Docker in Plesk and setup the proxy with the docker redirect tool in Plesk. Ghost is running complete in the container I don’t have any external mounts.

It is working as you can see here: https://foxes.social/blogtest/

It’s loading some content but nothing else, one of you guys must have experience with Plesk 12 Docker and has seen this issue before and could help me getting it working correctly.

Thank you in advance.


This returns:

Server Error
Page Not Found
This page either doesn’t exist, or it moved somewhere else.

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Hi Juan

Thanks for the response.

As I said Ghost is running in a docker container and the URL port mapping is working.

The URL for the Ghost proxy is https://foxes.social/blogtest/ and is port forwarded to the Docker container.

What do I need to do to get this working ? I can’t think of why it can’t find the files the correct URL https://foxes.social/blogtest/assets/built/screen.css/ /blogtest proxys to the root of the container.

Hey @Aset :wave: I think the first thing you’ll need to do is configure your url correctly, it looks like it’s missing the blogtest subdirectory as can be seen on your homepage where all the links are pointing at the root https://foxes.social/ URL rather than https://foxes.social/blogtest/

I don’t know how you would configure it through your specific Docker setup (you may need to pass config in via env vars) but with the recommended setup it’s a case of modifying the config.production.json file.


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